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September 19, 2017
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September 19, 2017
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Non-Peroxide Kit


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Ice White whitening gel is our advanced peroxide-free formula which provides an effective, fast-acting whitening process. It contains a neutral pH, providing a safe and gentle whitening treatment that doesn’t damage tooth enamel or gums. Ice White non-peroxide whitening gel contains natural cleansing and strengthening properties providing you with professional cleaning abilities. Our gel provides whiter teeth with zero teeth and gum sensitivity.

Ice White Natural Teeth Whitening Home Kit contains:
– 6 x 15min teeth whitening treatments.
– 1 x mini LED light.
– 1 x duplex mouth tray and a colour chart.
– Step-by-step instructions

Directions for use:
Phase 1 is your loading phase:
Use the first 10cc syringe filled with Ice White whitening gel to achieve your genetic tooth shade. The loading phase consists of 3 applications of 15 min each over 3 consecutive days.

Phase 2 is your maintenance phase:
The remaining syringe can be used during this phase. To maintain colour you can use the Ice White whitening gel monthly or more often depending on your needs.

Refrain from eating/drinking for 30 min after applications.

Refrain from using this product if you are suffering from any gum disease, have exposed mouth sores or piercings, damaged enamel, cavities or exposed roots, if you are pregnant or lactating.

Dental restorations such as porcelain veneers, dental crowns or bonding will not be influenced by this whitening treatment and will endure their default/original colour.

All our products are FDA approved.

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